Pueblo Property Tax Payments

Credit card/e-check payments are the only available method of payment on this website. The County Treasurer's office cannot process debit/credit card payments in the Treasurer's office.

This website will accept payment for current year taxes only and is available to property owners  through August 31st midnight (MST). Beginning September 1st this website will not accept any current year tax payments (all current year tax payments must be made by certified funds directly with the Pueblo County Treasurer's office.)

Prior year delinquent taxes cannot be paid on this website. Certified funds (cashier's check/money order) are required for payment of prior year taxes. To inquire about prior year taxes due, please contact the Pueblo County Treasurer, 215 West 10th Street - Room 110, Pueblo CO 81003, for information. You may also call (719) 583-6689 or 583-6683.

If you are having any problems using this site, your internet browser settings may need to be modified. Suggested settings may be found in our Browser Settings Help document. For assistance, please call 866-290-5400 Option 1.

Also, important information to Tax Lien Buyers of Certificates of Purchase: Endorsement payments by Tax Lien Buyers on their Certificate of Purchase(s) must be made at the County Treasurer's office only. If a Tax Lien Buyer makes a current year payment on the internet it will not show as an endorsement, nor will it be added to the Tax Lien.

REFUND POLICY: To request a refund, please contact (719) 583-6529 or mail to 215 West 10th Street - Room 110, Pueblo CO 81003. Office hours are 8:00 am - 4:30 (MST) Monday - Friday.

A few things you should know before you enter this site. The Treasurer's office does not charge a fee, however the credit processing company will charge a convenience fee for each transaction made, the transaction fees are as follows:

  • Credit card & Debit card 2.35% or minimum of $1.95
  • Visa Check Card $3.95 per transaction
  • E-Check $1.50 per transaction. Amount limited to $50,000 per transaction

If you wish to cancel a tax payment made through the website you will need to contact The Pueblo County Treasurer at (719) 583-6529 or mascaren@co.pueblo.co.us.

All returned/rejected payments will be assessed a $20.00 return item fee as authorized by statute.

PLEASE NOTE: If your payment is made after midnight (MST) of the actual due date you will be charged the PENALTY/INTEREST due.

IMPORTANT: Please read these helpful suggestions:

1. When you do your property search, fill out only ONE box, I.E. Name or Address or Parcel

2. If you wish to pay more than one property, use your name as it appears on your tax bill and select ALL parcels you wish to pay.